The landscapes of consciousness – a look into the canvas collection By 8th Day Create


The “Landscapes of Consciousness” collection at is an anthology of visual narratives, each canvas a storyteller of the human condition through the lens of dreamscapes and consciousness. These artworks act as emissaries between the tangible and ethereal realms, inviting the observer to a rendezvous with the sublime. Within each piece lies a confluence of cultural avatars and earthly elements, a testament to the journey of humanity across both time and the boundless territories of the mind. The collection stands as a beacon of exploration, echoing the odysseys of ancient explorers charting new worlds, with each artwork being a celestial map of visionary states. Collection 1 features 31 unique pieces on 4 different canvas sizes. They are open edition and will be made available all year long.


In a serene respite from the relentless buzz of the digital realm, my year-long break on social media from Dec 25, 2022 to Dec 30, 2023 as @8thdaycreate was a profound exploration into the burgeoning world of creative technology. This introspective period flourished into a rich wellspring of innovation, where human creativity harmoniously melded with the analytical prowess of AI. This partnership yielded a collection of visually stunning narratives, each uniquely prompted to intertwine the past and future into the now. The integration of AI revolutionized my creative approach, shifting the focus from mere technicality to the core of imaginative essence. It was as if I had an entire creative consortium at my beck and call, enhancing my ability to delve into deeper strategic thinking and meticulous brand detailing. This transformation in creative methodology signifies a leap in my design thinking and approach where the articulation of vision and the intricacies of inception and execution become the bedrock of artistic creation. This collection is not merely art; it encapsulates the artistic metamorphosis of myself and 8th Day Create in the year 2024.

The expanse of our inner landscapes is boundless and profound. Venturing into the depths of our minds and souls is akin to gazing into an infinite chasm filled with diverse prospects and forms of expression. It’s a deep plunge into the ocean of potential, where one emerges with the most radiant jewels of insight and creativity.

brandon palma

When you bring one of these art pieces into your home, you’re not just decorating your space; you’re capturing a piece of my journey through uncharted creative territories. I’ve spent many creatively engaging late nights and early mornings exploring these new artistic frontiers, and each piece is a precious find from this adventure. They’re more than just decorations – they’re thought-provoking pieces that and my hopes are that they add depth and inspire wonder, enhancing your space in benevolent happy ways.


These art pieces, now eager to transition from pixels to the physical, are an invitation to all. They beckon us to adorn our spaces with windows that look out into other realms, to immerse ourselves in the luxury of thought, and to adorn our lives with the visionary art. Enrich your space with the energy of creation and the pulse of inspiration from the “Landscapes of Consciousness” and let your walls become a gallery of visionary splendor. Each canvas promises to be a conversation piece, a narrative that continues to unfold with each viewing, challenging perceptions and expanding horizons. This collection embodies the vibe of 2024 for 8th Day Create, a year that speaks volumes of the evolution of art and the pursuit of creativity. It is a tribute to the journey within, a call to introspection and discovery, beckoning the seeker to experience the vastness of consciousness through new mediums of creativity. In a world teeming with the ordinary, these artworks are your portal to the novel and new. Allow your senses to be enveloped by the “Landscapes of Consciousness” at, where the purchase of a canvas is an opportunity to bring home a piece of this transcendent creative expedition and let your space resonate with the energy of creation and the pulse of an ancient future vibe.




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