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Adventure, travel, and creativity have always fueled my design work. In 2024, I’m blending creative service, travel, photography, and design into a unique journey, and I’m thrilled to share some of my most inspiring experiences with you.

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Today, I want to take you on a journey through three of Barcelona’s oldest shops and brands. In March 2024, I had the pleasure of walking through the historic streets of old Barcelona, visiting these remarkable heritage stores in person. For fellow history and civilization enthusiasts, I highly recommend adding these to your Barcelona itinerary.


1. Cereria Subirà @cereriasubira

Address: Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Established in 1761, Cereria Subirà is the city’s oldest candle shop and also the oldest shop in Barcelona. This enchanting store is renowned for its rich history of exquisite handcrafted candles and its enduring legacy in traditional candle-making. As you step inside, you’ll be transported back in time, surrounded by the warm glow and delicate scents of beautifully crafted candles.

Cereria Subirà was founded by Francesc Subirà and quickly became a beloved establishment in Barcelona. Over the centuries, it has seen numerous generations of candle makers, each passing down their knowledge and passion for the craft. The shop has survived through various historical events, including wars and economic changes, adapting and thriving while maintaining its traditional methods. The interior of the shop is a testament to its long history, with wooden shelves and glass cabinets displaying an array of candles in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The candles are still made using traditional techniques, ensuring the highest quality and a unique touch that modern mass production cannot replicate.



2. El Rei de la Magia @elreidelamagia

Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 11, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Founded in 1881, El Rei de la Magia is one of the world’s oldest magic shops, preserving the art of illusion and enchantment through its extensive collection of magic tricks, performances, and educational workshops. This magical haven offers a delightful escape into the world of illusion, with shelves lined with vintage magic paraphernalia and posters of legendary magicians.

El Rei de la Magia was established by Joaquim Partagàs, a prominent magician of the time, who wanted to create a space where both professional and amateur magicians could find high-quality magic props and learn new tricks. The shop quickly became a hub for the magic community in Barcelona and beyond. Over the years, it has hosted numerous magic shows and events, becoming a center for the preservation and promotion of magical arts. The shop also features a small theater where intimate magic performances are held regularly, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of live magic in an up-close and personal setting. The shop’s commitment to education is evident in its range of workshops and courses, catering to all ages and skill levels, from curious beginners to seasoned performers.



3. Herboristeria del Rei @herboristeria_del_rey

Address: Carrer del Vidre, 1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Founded in 1823 and patronized by Queen Isabel II, Herboristeria del Rei is a historic herbal shop renowned for its rich legacy of providing medicinal herbs and natural remedies for nearly two centuries. This charming shop, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, exudes an old-world aura with its elegant 19th-century décor and original furnishings.

Herboristeria del Rei was established by Salvador Seguí, a renowned herbalist of his time, who aimed to create a place where people could find natural remedies for their ailments. The shop gained prominence when Queen Isabel II visited and granted it the title “Herboristería del Rei” (Herbalist of the King), solidifying its reputation as a trusted source of herbal medicine. The shop’s interior remains largely unchanged since its founding, with dark wooden cabinets, glass apothecary jars, and vintage scales adding to its historical charm. Herboristeria del Rei offers a wide range of products, from medicinal herbs and teas to essential oils and natural cosmetics, all carefully selected for their quality and effectiveness. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice and recommendations, ensuring that customers find the right remedies for their needs.

Stay tuned for more captivating tales and creative inspirations from my creative journeys. Next stop – Peru

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