Design Awakenings

I remember the day graphic design changed my life. It was Spring 2004 and I was with a good friend driving down Melrose Avenue just staring at the plethora of ads and billboards and it hit me….my mind started to break down the compositions and in a flash I started to see positive/negative space, fonts, typography, photography layout, lighting, and the usage of color. It was at first weird but once I realized what was happening the visual stimulation was heightened and every ad, print, and street art I laid my eyes on was broken down to its components.

And then this thought popped in my head,

“if designers are the ones creating and in return effecting our environments, then the creator source (god) must be within”

– Brandon Palma, 2004

This thought freaked me out a bit as my old belief system was thoroughly shaken but the thought kept growing in my mind!

Looking back it was this experience that opened me up to a spiritual path of exploring who “I” was on all my levels of existence. I started to study nature a bit more closely and realized that God truly is the greatest graphic designer. I felt a deep sensation of yearning to be one with the creative source and soon I found myself meditating while designing. As I grew and experienced more graphic design the push for spirituality would follow right behind. Today I have learned to integrate what I call spiritual design and creative communion in my life on a daily basis.

I feel that immersing myself with creativity and creative individuals helps me get in touch with my higher self and gives me the raw energy to nurture my own creative skills. Graphic design has been the key in my life to fully unlock my mindset to the higher energies that are around us all.

Brandon Laurence Palma is the founder/owner of 8th Day Create. Established in 2014 after an intensive 6 month study of United States Code on money and Lawful Money redemption as coded in 12USC411, 8th Day Create focuses on creative services, graphic design and brand architecture for emerging industries and sacred benevolent endeavors.

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