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As far as I can remember, I was always interested in knowledge.  Starting on the world’s countries and flags, studying not only the design of the emblems and colors but also absorbing the facts and culture as much as I could. I believe being exposed to that at a young age definitely set the tones of my interest in knowledge.  As I grew older and obviously become more knowledgeable,  I began to unfold areas of knowledge that was still open to explore in the mind of humanity, areas where some may have glimpses to but never an understanding and experience of it as a whole.

My path in understanding and concsiousness has led me to some very interesting thoughts and also to many different places.  I started to understand and process knowledge of information of things hardly discussed in the mainstream. I guess you can say I’ve always been an “outside thinker”.
Knowledge. Is it really power? And if it is, how much power does the people have if knowledge around the world is kept away from us?  From space travel, ancient civilizations, technology, and I’m sure many other things, there is more knowledge the average person is not aware of on a daily basis!  As the time goes on and more knowledge comes into the mindsets through technology, there is definitely a change of wind on all levels.  I believe the state of the world today is forcing us to re-examine ourselves, to see what we are truly doing on a global scale, and to re-evaluate our knowledge, or lack thereof.
I believe the more you know the more you can apply yourself.  I feel the universal laws have been coming to the minds of the world and we are at a point of mentally evolving to the point of conscious co-creation.  We are starting to come into new understandings of knowledge that will surely change the world.  I believe more than ever we should grasp the opportunities in front of us to learn more, to be more open minded, to see this in a bigger picture.  We are being given the opportunity to be graphic designers of our own lives, and to be AWARE of the design! It is like having no knowledge of how to work a computer, going through the struggles and wrapping your mind through experience of the concepts of how it works. Then finally getting the hang of it and putting the knowledge to use where it just flows, and creation happens without any blocks.
The truths in my life have shown me that knowledge, especially esoteric knowledge, can lead one to understand the higher energies at work.  And through that, you can see how events and energies are created.  Knowledge is definitely power and it all depends on what kind of knowledge you fill your mind with and focus your attention on.

Brandon Laurence Palma is the founder/owner of 8th Day Create. Established in 2014 after an intensive 6 month study of United States Code on money and Lawful Money redemption as coded in 12USC411, 8th Day Create focuses on creative services, graphic design and brand architecture for emerging industries and sacred benevolent endeavors.

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