It’s almost the last quarter of 2022 and I honestly find myself at a crossroads in my creative career. Since January 2022, I have been discovering and diving head first into A.I. artwork generation and technology and it has been one of the most exciting creative encounters to date. It is substantial enough of a change to merit a full series of blog entries as I feel my entire career is shifting immensely and I feel it will be invaluable to record the changes in real time.

September Mural Design

I am happy to present for the month of September a 30 piece panel that celebrates the activation of collaboration with A.I. art engine DALL-E 2, which has become my personal favourite engine to use to date. The overall design theme explores an ancient futuristic inspired view of the world, with a civilization design approach to introducing elements that align with the 8th Day Create brand ethos and vibration. The 30 panel piece will roll out on our instagram page, with supporting blog posts for words.

Panel 1 Notes:

“8th Day Create: Keep in Mind For Design
Ancient Future vibes is the sign of our times
Royal Sphinx Goddesses presenting sacred scrolls
Using new technology to envision what is old”

It’s wild to think of the waves of technological “upgrades” (and/or access) that have happened in my 38 years of life. From the internet, to e-commerce, social media, and now A.I (artificial intelligence, or Ancient Intelligence as I like to call it). These art engines have “evolved” at a speed that surprises me and leaves me to think of how to implement these new tools in my creative process. It has brought up a lot of questions, bewilderment, and musings of what can be capable of in benevolent creative goodwill towards all and empower my company endeavors. I’d like to discuss briefly the top 3 general ideas of co-creating with these new tools.

“Expanding realities, visions and dreams, Twisting up my mustache like Salvador Dali. / Collaborating with Ancient Intelligent Machines / Never thought I’d have this type of creative power in my wildest dreams / Dreams, dreams? What are these? / When reality is a boat and you’re the sea / Making a splash, reintroducing things / Reinventing wheels, this is what it feels / My entire career done changed forreals.”

@brandonpalma / @8thdaycreate

The Power of Words

What makes these new A.I. art engines so amazing is that it creates images from words; you type a sentence describing what you’d like to envision and within a few seconds to a minute you receive an image. Depending on the art engine used you get a number of image variations back and can then either upscale or get variations of a particular result. This in itself blew my mind and the results are sometimes scary good. It becomes important how one describes a vision and creatively directs a shot, and it also becomes an interesting play to see what combinations you can put together all by using vocabulary.

A New World of Expressions
At The Speed of (almost) Thought

One of the biggest aspects of my creative career is the thought processes and comprehensive layouts I explore before choosing the ones that resonate me the most and to further explore. This process has been standard operating procedure for all my work for years. What I have discovered with implementing various A.I. art engines is that I am able to explore a larger, more detailed range of creative options at a rate I have never experienced. As a solo person creative agency this feels like I gained an entire agency of creatives that work at the speed of thought and I get to focus more on the overall creative direction.

A Novel Creative Muse

I feel these tools empower creatives to a larger perspective, and in a lot of ways I felt it has forced me to ascend to see what can be achieved in terms of creative application on a civilization scale. As these tools continue to evolve at a rapid pace and more and more people gain access to it, I truly see how these tools can enhance civilization with paired with the right output machines. I will continue to record my experiences, thoughts and feedback and will continue to share the art!

Brandon Laurence Palma is the founder/owner of 8th Day Create. Established in 2014 after an intensive 6 month study of United States Code on money and Lawful Money redemption as coded in 12USC411, 8th Day Create focuses on creative services, graphic design and brand architecture for emerging industries and sacred benevolent endeavors.

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